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Mission Statement

Our mission is a simple one, design and manufacture the best presses, tools, wheel cups and accessories as possible and make them available at reasonable prices to the repairmen and enthusiast alike!

About Us

In 2011 Karen Craig purchased TTRP (Toy Train Restoration Products) and made it part of her family owned business, precision Metal Crafters, LLC. Over the last three years, she has combined her extensive engineering and manufacturing experience with her passion for toy trains and refocused the TTRP product line. She has accomplished this by continuously refining and updating each of the presses and tools offered. During 2015 Karen folded TTRP into a new company that more clearly defines what it is, Precision Toy Train Tools USA.

As part of these changes, Precision Toy Train Tools has entered into a joint venture with Just Trains LLC for the purpose of refining existing presses and tools as well as the design of new tools.