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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes your press any different or any better than
Lionel's STX-360 or the Hobby Horse press?

A. There are several differences that make our press better than the rest.

  • Our press has more vertical room between the ram and the base than the original Lionel ST press.

  • Unlike other popular presses, you always have positive alignment between the center of the tool and the center of the anvil in the base plate. Our latest press has a fully adjustable anvil base so that even if your press lost its alignment, you can bring it back into alignment in a matter of minutes.

  • Our press does not require the use of a rubber hammer or leather mallet to set truck rivets.

  • The ram of our press is fully adjustable to provide you with the necessary feel for clinching rivets and setting wheels and the lever doesn't require a foam cover to protect your hands!

  • There's no need for a 6" anvil extension and another 3" extension for the ram to clinch a small rivet. Added extensions create offset errors - misalignment between the center of the tool and the center of the anvil.

  • Our press doesn't have, nor does it need, a set screw inside the bore of the ram to prevent the clinch tool from becoming jammed in the bore. Our tools are professionally designed and accurately machined on CNC equipment at an ISO certified shop. Properly designed and manufactured tools should not jam in the bore of the ram!